Tuesday, April 2, 2019- B Day 
A– B – E– O – C
  • Representatives from two colleges will be here today. Regis College during period 6 and University of North Carolina during period 8. Please print your confirmation page from Naviance to use as your pass.
  • Tomorrow during homeroom, ribbons will be on sale. All donations will go to the local domestic violence shelter, Interval House.
    Abusers may initially appear to be wonderful, kind and gentle person, and sometimes even make you feel so important to them that you are unprepared when they gradually become more aggressive and controlling as the relationship continues. As soon as you start to have questions about abuse we encourage you to seek help. Don’t wait until you are certain. If any warning signs are there, act quickly!
  • The Career Fair is tomorrow in the cafeteria during 2nd period. Sophomores and Juniors are required to attend. Sophomores should report directly to the cafeteria tomorrow at 7:34 am. Juniors, please report to your 2nd period class and your teacher will bring you down at the appropriate time. Freshman and Seniors who have study halls are also welcome to attend. Nearly 60 companies, the military, and local community colleges will be represented in a number of different fields so please take advantage of this excellent opportunity to learn more about careers that interest you or others you may not have considered before. See Mrs. Ennis in 200A with any questions.
  • Due to the Career Fair tomorrow, breakfast will be available for purchase before school only. Please enter through the door across from the gym. Room 115 will be open for you to eat in.
  • Junior Prom Tickets will be on sale until Friday during lunch waves or after school in Mrs. Hunts room. Dues & Delinquencies must be paid!
    Attention Seniors! Prom ticket season is just around the corner. ALL Powerschool delinquencies must be paid prior to purchasing prom tickets. Please pay delinquencies to Mrs. Valenti in the Main Office. Any questions, please see Mrs. Valenti or one of your class advisors.
  • Book Club will be held Thursday, April 4th. All students interested in participating in this month’s discussion of Salt to the Sea should bring their copy of the book to the meeting.
  • There will be a field trip to the State Capitol for students interested in manufacturing and engineering on Wednesday, April 24th from 9 am – 1 pm to connect students to careers in manufacturing. Local manufacturing companies will be present to showcase their products and also speak with students about careers, apprenticeships and internships. If you are interested in attending, please see Ms. Arnett or Mrs. Ennis in 200A.
  • Quick Reminder of our School Rules:
    o No Backpacks are allowed during the school day.
    o No Hats or Hoods are allowed during the school day.
    o All students must be in homeroom unless there is an emergency.
    o Refrain from running in the hallways.

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