Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - E Day 

 A – B – E – O – C

  • Attention all students: For the first time, NHS will be offering a 2nd chance breakfast between exams. Therefore, between exam periods, there will be a 25 minute break. In order to plan the appropriate amount of food, we ask that students complete the 30 second, 4 question, Yes or No survey sent via Remind. Surveys close today.
  • Are you ready to play some games? This year’s Game Development 2 Class has been hard at work making their final projects and it’s time for you to play! This Today during period 6 lunch waves over a dozen games will be set up in the Cafeteria for you to play and vote for the best. We will see you today during period 6 in the café.
  • Graduating Seniors may turn in their Chromebook, Powerbrick and bag:
    today at the Library Media Center, before or after school.
    Today and Tomorrow, in the area outside the cafeteria during all lunch waves
    During Exam Week, before and after exams at the Library Media Center.
  • Attention Students taking AP chemistry next year. There will be a meeting tomorrow immediately after school in room 118.
  • Attention all students taking AP environmental Science next year: Please see Mrs. Butryman in room 314 before exams start.
  • All students taking AP Physics next year, please stop by room 108 to see Mr. Emerson for your summer assignment before the end of exams.
  • Attention Seniors: The 2019 yearbooks will be distributed after school on Thursday, June 6th from 2:30-3:30 in the cafeteria. If you have not paid for a book, but would like to purchase one, please see Mrs. Mannes in Stoddard House or Mrs. Narowski in room 321. There are a limited number of extra books and they will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.
  • 2013 NHS graduate and 2017 Clemson University graduate Andrew McCarter will be speaking during 1st period this Friday, June 7th, on the topic “What to do after High School to be successful.” Andrew has led an exciting life since leaving NHS and is returning to the school for the second time to speak to Mrs. McLane’s AP Computer Science A Students and anyone who is free that period and would like to join us. Andrew is quite the motivational speaker and loves to share his learnings and experiences. We look forward to seeing you on Friday, June 7th in room 204.
  • Attention Seniors: If you have a green dollar sign on your Power School screen, that means you owe money to the school and you have received your invoice during homeroom. All delinquencies must be paid prior to receiving your cap, gown and graduation tickets. Payments in cash can be made in the Main Office.
  • Quick Reminder of our School Rules:
    o No Backpacks are allowed during the school day.
    o No Hats or Hoods are allowed during the school day.
    o All students must be in homeroom unless there is an emergency.
    o Refrain from running in the hallways.

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