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Rachel Arnett, Career Academy Counselor
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Pamela Ennis, Workforce Development Specialist

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An academy is a reform
model where students have an opportunity to deeply engage in an area of study that prepares them for post-secondary academic and career success. Courses are open to all students. While courses are open to all students, only academy students will have the benefits of the Career Academy Success Program.

Each academy will have a structured and sequenced work-based learning program that is intended to allow students to examine future career options. Additionally, an advisory board comprised of professionals in the career area will be established to keep the educational level in step with advancing technologies and trends within the career themes. Find course offerings and more information on the high school career academies in the Program of Studies.

If you or your company is interested in being a part of the NHS Academy Program's Advisory Board, please contact Ms. Arnett or Ms. Ennis.

2019 - 2020 Career Academy Programs

Aerospace & Engineering Academy

The Aerospace & Engineering Academy offers students the chance to explore and research topics in areas of aeronautics, aerospace environment, aerospace physiology, air navigation, and the physics and operation of spacecraft.

Biomedical Sciences Academy

The Biomedical Sciences Academy provides students with the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and have “real-world” experiences in content areas including the human body, disease mechanisms, major biological themes, and other biomedical science topics.

Culinary & Hospitality Academy

The Culinary & Hospitality Academy offers students the opportunity to build knowledge and hone skills in hospitality tourism, service, and marketing; entertaining and event planning; culinary arts; restaurant management, as well as cuisine and baking courses.

Family & Child Development

The high school offers Family & Child Development courses including: Introduction to Early Childhood Education, Infant and Toddler Growth Development, Occupational Child Care and Cooperative Work Study, and Family Life.

Finance & Business Management Academy

In the Finance & Business Management Academy students get a glimpse into the business world through courses designed to enhance knowledge in Microsoft Office; business economics; ethics; entrepreneurship; financial principles, planning, and services; accounting; and marketing.

Information Technology & Digital Innovation Academy

The IT & Digital Innovation Academy provides students with the skills for today and tomorrow’s technology featuring courses based in: information technology; computer networking; computer science; game, app, and web development; graphic and database design; and digital animation.