Yearbook Info

Order Your 2019 Yearbook!

The 2019 yearbooks are on sale and can be ordered at with the Newington High School Yearbook ID Code: 9174019

Yearbooks can be ordered from October 1, 2018 until March 1, 2019. Don't be left without a yearbook when the books arrive in the spring. Be a part of the yearbook celebration! ORDER TODAY! Click here for cost information, yearbook options, and more.

Please see Mrs. Narowski in room 321 or Mrs. Mannes in the Stoddard House with any questions.

Submit Your Photos for the Yearbook!

It’s your year, it’s your school. Submit your candid photos from throughout the school year to be added into the 2018-2019 yearbook.

The Yearbook Committee needs your help. We need candid photos! If you have a picture that you would like to submit, please upload via the link provided. Use the drop-down link “Submit Yearbook Photos” under FOR STUDENTS on the NHS website or click here to access the photo submission form. Use the form/uploader to add your name and a caption to the photo and you may see your photos in this year’s Sequin.

Yearbook PDA Ads

Parents/guardians can support Newington High School and recognize students by posting a Personal Display of Affection (PDA) ad in the Newington High School yearbook! Imagine the surprise when your student finds a personal message from you or someone they love; these are memories that will last a lifetime!

To order a PDA for your student, please fill out and return the PDA order form, along with a favorite photo(s) of your student and provide a personal message to be printed next to the photo. In order to meet our deadline, PDA submissions must be received by February 1, 2019. When submitting a photo, please identify those in the picture by including the student's first and last name(s) on a sticker on the back of the photo. Also include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to ensure we can return the photos. Digital photos may also be collected via e-mail. Please send to It is possible to submit more than one PDA. To submit more than one, please complete a separate order form for each message.

Any questions can be directed to yearbook co-advisors, Mrs. Narowski ( or Mrs. Mannes ( Thank you for supporting our school!