Counseling Services

Personal/Social Counseling

  • Individual Counseling

  • Parent/Student Conferences

  • Relationships

  • Family Situations

  • Peer Concerns

  • Physical and Sexual Abuse

  • Substance Abuse

  • Stress

  • Transition

  • Academic Pressure

  • Inappropriate Behavior

  • Communication Issues

  • Pregnancy

Academic Counseling

  • Planning a four-year high school program relevant to student’s interests, abilities, and post-high school plans

  • Assisting students in selecting appropriate courses each year

  • Checking each student’s progress through a review of quarterly report cards and interim progress reports

  • Counseling students experiencing academic difficulty and developing strategies for improvement, including referrals to various academic resources at the high school

  • Reviewing credit status leading to graduation

  • Meetings with students and parents to review standardized test results

Career/College Counseling

  • Review of high school program to ensure that the courses provide adequate preparation for potential career choices

  • Coordination of career development in conjunction with classroom teachers

  • Administration and interpretation of career interest inventories, aptitude assessments, and career exploration resources

  • Juniors will receive a Planning Book and regular information regarding college planning
    Juniors will prepare drafts of their resume and college essays to prepare for the college application process

  • Juniors and Seniors will have scheduled mandatory appointments with their counselor

  • Students will be encouraged to take interest inventories and complete career search assessments

  • Students will be encouraged to take appropriate standardized tests

  • Students will be encouraged to utilize the facilities of the NHS Counseling Office, which include computer-based college search programs, college catalogs, and video tours of college campuses

  • Students and parents will be encouraged to attend the mandatory college planning sessions

  • Students and parents will be encouraged to attend college nights/fairs and financial aid programs

  • Parents will be encouraged to complete and submit personal questionnaires about their child

  • Counselors will direct students to a variety of available resources about colleges and careers

  • Counselors will maintain a current state of knowledge about colleges by attending conferences, visiting colleges, and meeting with college representatives

  • Counselors will write letters of recommendations for students