One of our goals is to personalize each student's educational experience and connection to school. We strive to connect each student with an adult member of our staff in addition to the school counselor. Our students are assigned to a house office and homeroom and in most cases, remain with the same home room teacher for all four years. We ask our teachers to greet each student by name each morning. Some teachers will also offer a handshake as a way to connect with our students. We strive to keep the student to teacher ratio as low as possible by asking all of our adults to take part in homeroom activities. Periodically, our homeroom periods are extended to allow for advisory types of activities to take place.

The school’s Bell Schedule has period times for each day schedule.

Portrait of a Graduate, Student of the Month Award

Portrait of a Graduate, Student of the Month award certificates are given each month to deserving students. Students are nominated by department each month for a variety of reasons. Students meet with the Principal at the beginning of the month and are given a letter and certificate. A copy of the certificate is displayed on the television monitors of our internal video display system.

Student of the Month

One student is selected from each school as Student of the Month. A recognition reception is held at the Town Hall and each student is recognized by the Superintendent of Schools.